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A New Adventure for All

Our Concept

Have you ever felt like something is missing from your life? Have you ever longed for a place that takes you back to your happy childhood? We all have a dream land…an escape from all the chaos…where smiles and laughter are all around us. The kind of land where your heart is, where you are filled with so much joy to share with your loved ones. Do you think that kind of place exists? For me, I think it does. But we have to create it with our own hands.

I have always dreamed of a never-ending childhood memory. The time, love, happiness, and laughter that my father has given me has become an inspiration. Forging the magnificant land of Pamookkoo is my way of carrying on that childhood memory with my father.

Pamookkoo, a new destination of ancient civilisation for all. A land enriched with childhood imaginations where happiness, excitement, and adventure are awakened. Stepping into the mysterious window of the past, families will experience true adventure, hidden away from the chaos of the outside world, leaving guests intrigued by unique experiences in every single corner. The marvel of Pamookkoo will satisfy guests with countless joyful recollections. Finally, that dream of mine is fulfilled.

Pamookkoo Resort, a New Adventure for All, is ready to open our door to your family to experience unique adventures and indulge in heartfelt memories. With our tremendous slide as high as a 4-storey building, giant pools, and numerous relaxing corners for parents, you will get to share your joyful moments with your loved ones and make countless memories in this ancient wonderland.

Pariyawit “Benz” Achariyachai

Product Development Director of Kata Group Resorts

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